My name is Nina Kawar and I am the owner, designer and creator of Pure Ritual. As a maker I have always strived to speak to the heart and soul of those who engage in my work. I have a deep love for porcelain clay, as well as wood, metal, fabrics and gemstones. My creative work ranges from small & large scale sculptures, home d├ęcor, jewelry, metaphysical objects to installation works.


I have been inspired and researching sacred geometry and symbolism for more than a decade. Through my own journey of self-awareness and growth, I have come to understand the meaning of many of the symbols and patterns seen within this collection. This obsession with patterns really has been alive since I was a child. Growing up in Palestinian-American home, and surrounded by Middle Eastern patterns, geometry and symmetry, they are a language and carry a sense of home.


Pure Ritual is an extension of my heart and my gift in helping heal the collective. As a healer, I am called to create work that is infused with lots of love and healing energies to assist you on your journey. The handmade porcelain clay is not only made with quartz elixir water and charged by the full moon but also reiki symbols. As a reiki practioner I am transmitting sacred symbols to further support you in your spiritual practice.


It is my hopes that these handmade tools will assist you in growing closer to your higher self and the Divine. Through ritual and medition we are capable of connecting with ourselves at a soul level. As long as I am creating I believe I am doing what I am meant to be doing in this lifetime... Sharing my gift as a creator and speaking to the soul through Art.


Please check out my fine art work by clicking the link below!




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