These hand-carved sacred geometry plates can be an asset to your spiritual practice and powerful tool in manifesting your aspirations and desires. By arranging gemstones on a geometric pattern such as the "Seed of Life" and activating the combination of energies you are creating a crystal grid. The sacred geometry, healing stones and your intentions have so much power in connecting to your spirit and your potential!
This ceramic nesting bowls are available in seven different colors and individually hand-carved with their corresponding chakra symbols or a sacred geometry symbol. The colored porcelain have a clear glaze interior with a unglazed exterior surface that fit elegantly within one another while still exhibiting a handmade feel. All bowls are food and dishwasher safe.
Incense, runes, palo santo, smudge feathers, rattles, candles and gemstones... these are all unique metaphysical and meditation tools that can be used in your spiritual practice to assist you in growing closer to your higher self and the Divine. Be sure to click on each image for details!
Platonic Solids, the human body and patterns found in nature are three formal inspirations that can be seen in Pure RItual's sculptural collection. Each piece is individually handbuilt and sculpted. Both the organic bone-like sculptures and the geometric patterns exhibited on the forms are intuitively designed. The chakra meditator and platonic solid lanterns are also a beautiful adornment and reminder that the light comes from within.
Pure Ritual's jewelry collection has a delicate and feminine quality that is both simple and diverse. Wearing these unique handmade ceramic necklaces and earrings you are destined to feel a natural sense of bling!

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